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A Divine Femme Virtual Immersion 3/22 @ 3 PM PST

with Sarah Rose & Vanessa Dewing

No more hoping, wishing, or's time to unapologetically CLAIM the life + business of your dreams like the QUEEN that you are and make them a tangible 3D reality!

  • Show up like the divine goddess you are and become unapologetically magnetic to Soulmate clients + ALL the things...
  • Attract + open to receive high-ticket 5-figure sales in your spiritual business.
  • Embody your sacral confidence and magnetize money, clients, and divinely orchestrated opportunities to you that blow your f*ing mind!

Let me guess…

You're a bit of a rebel. You’ve never been much for rules 😉 and you're ready to step into feminine leadership with fun, flow, freedom, and financial prosperity...ON YOUR OWN TERMS!'re ready to experience overflowing prosperity + success without sacrificing the health, stability, balance, ease, and freedom you crave.

You're ready to get paid to be, well, YOU. All of YOU!

Not because you have to. Not because your life sucks if you don't. Just because you desire to play this game of life FULL OUT and see just how f*cking epic it can be.

And you have zero interest in dancing through life to anything other than the beat of your own drum. 🥁 

On the strategy side of things, you're ready to SCALE and leverage your time in the most impactful, fun, easy, and aligned way for the most amount of FREEDOM.

You’re unwavering in your knowingness that you're here to do BIG things (that much is certain), while being abundantly supported in doing said things.

And you're ready for mind-blowing 🤯 results in your business.

Your biggest fear is… will people perceive you when you're a rich spiritual badass breaking molds and busting through old paradigms with ease

After all, the world is in shambles, who the F are YOU to thrive so unapologetically for playing and having fun?

Aren't you supposed to work hard and sacrifice to justify your success?

You doubt (for a second) if you're truly ready for your next level of impact + success, and then, of course, you snap back to remembering who you f*cking are at your core and what you know to be true…

God is your supply. 

Source creates through you and calls to you...ALL that is/was/always has been meant for you. 

You are of the DIVINE. Any story of lack or struggle is a bullshi*t lie for someone else to buy into.

You were blueprinted for greatness. It’s in your DNA 🧬 

And now, my dear, it's time for this badass divinely aligned version of you to shine bright AF 💎 as you unapologetically claim all that IS YOURS, HAS ALWAYS BEEN YOURS, AND DESTINED TO BE YOURS, NOW!

The impact, the success, the clients, the money, the freedom, the's ALL here for you, if you’re ready to claim it 👑

Because you know it’s all about your vibe…

Vanessa and I can speak it until we’re blue in the face 🗣 

…and that won’t do sh*t until you’re ready to claim YOU for yourself.

The true you…

The real you…

The uncensored you…

The part of you that trusts no matter what that YOU are all that the world will ever need or could need.

That YOU are it. You are the whole damn vibe.

You are the PRIZE.

Exactly how you are.

Nothing more and nothing less.

But who the F are you to be so confident and unapologetically beautiful, talented, strong, driven, powerful, successful, magnetic, prosperous?!?

And for a moment, you dim your light (again)

You discount what makes you shine ✨ and then continue to apologize for your perceived shortcomings 🙉

You think (maybe unconsciously) that by you shrinking in the corner and dimming your light somehow you help others feel less uncomfortable or small in your presence. (Which is true!) And then everyone loses.

The problem is - you’re no wallflower 🌸 

Not in this lifetime.

You’re meant to make people uncomfortable 😳
In the best f*ing way possible.

The world needs more of the you that makes them uncomfortable 😣 because you shine so f*cking bright 💎

You know that woman that walks into the room and commands attention without saying a word…

She ooooozes confidence.
You can't help but notice her...
and feel her magic.
Her allure is intoxicating.
You sense her...
feel her...
and you can't NOT look at her. 🤩
She is magnetic.
Like her or not, she commands your attention.
You can’t ignore her.
And you can’t emulate her.
Her power is too strong.
She has true influence.
She attracts prosperity into her life with EASE.
And she makes it all look so effortless.
Because for her, it is.
Yet, her secret remains a mystery.

Until now...
You are THAT woman.

She is YOU.

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