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CALLING ALL SPIRIT-DRIVEN FEMPRENEURS, LIGHTWORKERS, & VISIONARIES-Ditch the struggle, make a MASSIVE impact with your gift,  + build your 6-figure empire working 3-5/hrs per week in 90 days!
Let me guess...  

You've obsessed (in a good way) with fulfilling your Soul-driven purpose, that feels more like a a mission than a choice at this point! And you want to make a living doing it. 

 But, you don't want to just "survive" you want to "thrive" and make 6-figures (and beyond) while you fulfill your life purpose and live the laptop lifestyle you crave!

Sounds good, right?!

The only thing is, everything you've been trying to catapult your business forward is not working.

You've hit a ceiling and you want to up-level and make a bigger impact without the feast-or-famine cycle. 

I'm here to show you, you can have it ALL!
You know that major FOMO you get when you see others living the business + lifestyle you're dreaming about...that is your destiny!! You know it. I know it. The Universe knows it. Now it's time to make it happen!

I know what you're thinking...

Maybe, if I just do one more launch, funnel, FB post, email blast, or tweak this or that...then I will FINALLY land more clients and break the patterns keeping me stuck ONCE AND FOR ALL! 

Listen, if KNOWLEDGE were enough, you would have done it already!

If DETERMINATION were enough, you'd be a mega-gazillionnaire with your own private island!

There is no lack of passion, drive, or ambition on your end. So what gives?

Looking back now, it's clear...I could have saved YEARS of lost MONEY, JOY, LEISURE, TRAVEL, FUN, and FREEDOM had I integrated the transformational process that I share in this program earlier. Years I will never get back!

So I have ONE really important question for you...are you finally ready to grow your 6-figure Soul-driven empire and go ALL IN for real this time?

IF YOU SAID YES...       
The AWAKENED FEMPRENEUR™ Coaching Program is PERFECT for you!
I created this for the soul-driven fempreneur who is...
Ready to go ALL-IN and knows in her heart of hearts that she is leaving so much prosperity, joy, freedom, fun, and ease on the table. 

For her, living a comprised life in order to pursue her Soul's mission is no longer an option. She wants to make a huge impact in the world with her gift, step into her bold Authentic Truth with no apologies, drop the struggle, AND experience financial success without sacrificing the ease and freedom she craves! 

She is heart-centered, smart, determined, driven, ambitious, and a go-getter!

She is sooo sick of all the webinars, launches, funnels, FB ads, email tactics, and social media strategies that she's told told will "fix" her business woe's, land her more dream clients.

And (this is a big one) she is beyond READY to do her own Soul Work required to manifest the MAGICAL + successful freedom lifestyle she craves!
Not sure you can do this? 

I've got a story for you...
 Just a few short years ago I had...
$300 to my name,
over $100,000 in debt, 
a failed engagement,
two foreclosures under my belt,
and I filed bankruptcy before my 30th birthday.

 I also suffered from daily anxiety and stress-fueled illnesses
including candida, SIBO, leaky gut, 28 food allergies, hormone imbalance, emotional imbalance, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, and weakened immune system.
Eventually I landed myself in the ER with pnemonia. 

 I felt guilty taking a day off work, 
and my self-worth was tied to how I thought other people viewed me.

From the outside looking in, it didn't look that bad.
I didn't air my dirty laundry,
and I managed to maintain appearances with all the debit I racked up on my credit cards.  

But inside I was struggling. 
Nothing felt easy. 
I felt like a fraud "faking" my way through life. 
I was overhwhelmed, sick, depleted, and working way too hard simply to make ends meet. 
And worse, I felt like I had to keep it all a secret, with no one to turn to for help.   

Feeling defeated most days, I was tempted to just pack up my things and move somewhere far away, 
like Costa Rica or something, so I could cut loose of all my worries. 

  But that didn't happen, and I'm so grateful!    

I was able to land a gig as a real estate agent on a busy team that started to pay the bills.  
Actually, it did more than pay the bills. 
I went from bankrupt to making just under 6 figures my first year.  

But I had to HUSTLE!

I worked my butt OFF! 
I could make large sums of money, then watch my balance go back to zero. 
I was always chasing the carrot.
I was never taking time for fun, hobbies, relationsips, leisure, or travel. 
In fact I felt GUILTY taking a day off.  

  Even though I was finally making six figures, it came in cycles and was not consistent, 
so I could not enjoy my success and continued to make myself sick. 
Eating in my car on the run.
Skipping workouts.   
Waking up with worry and dread.

I was GO, GO, GO!!   
Juggling, multi-tasking, and always ON! 
Part of me was happy I was finally playing at a much higher level, 
and I took great pride in playing the hustle game.
A part of me was addicted to it. 

Sound familiar? 
However, I looked at women that did half as much, compared to what as I was doing...
...and they seemed effortlessly abundant, healthy and stress-free! 
I was envious to say the least with a major case of FOMO.  
WTF was I doing wrong?!?!?  

Despite all the struggle, setbacks, and challenges...I never became complacent. 
I was determined not to live a compromised life.   

I finally was SICK of wearing a mask, 
pretending like everything was perfect, when it wasn't.
I was sick of not being healthy.
Sick of not being happy.
Sick of making large sums of money, then back to broke. 

I craved stability, ease, and freedom! 

   Spending the better part of your childhood and teenage years 
in an abusive and dysfunctional environment tends to do this to you!
You'll either become complacent and settle for what you're used to...
...or you're determined as hell to do a 180° and have a fabulous life!
I've always been the latter.

I'm assuming if you're still reading this we're probably a lot alike
...and you have no intention of throwing in the towel or settling! 

Looking back, I was easily viewed as a strong independent woman from the outside looking in. 
Yet, on the inside, I was overcompensating for the lack of stability from my childhood.  

All of my willpower and efforting was coming from a place of fear and self-protection.
I didn't trust others could help me or take care of me. 
So I never asked for help. I took pride figuring stuff out on my own and had to do EVERYTHING myself!
Meanwhile, carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.     
In hindsight, I realized I just lengthened my learning curve. 

 You see, my strong and independent "lady boss hustle" persona was partly a mask, a defense mechanism,  
built up as a result of fear of not feeling supported by others when I was younger. 

I was operating from sheer willpower and force to build success, 
based on limited beliefs that the world was not safe and I was not supported. 
This worked to a degree, and got me out of my financial hole initially, 
But I always had to hustle...and things never came easy! It was not sustainable.

It caused stress, burnout, overwhelm, sickness, and I did not feel happy in a joyful way. 

   I became a victim of my own success. 
I had to really work hard for it. 
It never occured to me that things could be easy. 
That just wasn't my experience...yet! 
(can you related to any of this?)

   In 2013, after almost six years of a complete shit storm raining down one me,
I experienced a spiritual awakening and I made a BOLD decision. 

I decided this was not how my life was going to play out. 
And I asked for healing guidance. 

I wasn't even sure what spiritual guidance looked like, but I was ready!
And I got a sign that changed everything.

As the Universe would have it, my sign came to me many times in quick succession, 
so there was no way I could miss it. 
(I resisted the sign at first! We tend to resist what will up-level us. You reading this website now is a sign!)
Nonetheless, my prayer for help was answered.

   I learned in order for me to transform my life and up-level to a new playing field, 
I had to go deeper. 
I had to integrate ALL parts of me-body, mind, emotion/heart, & spirit. 

 I had to heal the past, 
re-frame the limited beliefs, 
re-wire my brain so I was no longer addicted to the hustle, 
and I had to make peace with who/where I was, where I was going, and everyone/everything in between.  

I set out on a spiritual journey that completely transformed my health, life, business, relationships, 
and set me on my path to discover, and now fulfill, my life's purpose as a spiritual mentor to other women.  

I was guided to work with spiritual laws and 5D manifesting principles as part of this process...
...testing them as I grew and seeing miraculous results!
Today as I write this...
I work remotely and make my own schedule.  
I no longer have to hustle in business. Instead I work less and play more.
In fact, I work about a 1/8 of the time to make the same income with ease. 

I spend my mornings in meditation and journaling, 
and afternoons doing yoga...because I feel like it.
I just turned 40 this year...with the energy of a 25-year old. 
I'm in the healthiest shape of my life (this includes my twenties).

My hormones are back to balanced. 
I healed my gut, adrenals, fatigue, and I lost the excess 25 lbs. of fat I gained.
I just completed my first half-marathon (in Hawaii) with energy through the roof. 
I travel regularly. 
I look much younger than my age.
I wake up in a state of enthusiasm and immense appreciation 99% of the time.  
I have 3-5 self-care appts per week, just for me...with NO GUILT.   

Basically, I create my lifestyle by design (not default), on my own terms, 
with plenty of time for self-care, travel, fun, leisure, and the little things.

Plus, I'm living my life purpose as a spiritual coach and mentor, 
which is a daily evolving source of challenges, joy and inspiration.     

If you're still reading this, I know this can be true for you too!  

When you heal and clear the blocks keeping you stuck you will align 
effortlessly with the purpose-filled, freedom lifestyle you crave! 
Here's what I know for sure...
I'm not special. 
I'm just a small town girl from Ohio,
that grew up in a trailer, 
and decided not to settle for shitty circumstances,
a stress-fueled life fueled by fear, 
or a reactionary life based on past conditioning! 

 I want a life I design--with ease, flow, freedom, and purpose! 
And I will not settle for less.  

 So, I made a BOLD decision to change my trajectory. 

I began to work with the #1 spiritual law that changed everything...
and it's NOT the Law of Attraction.
In fact...until you master this spiritual law, 
the LOA will work against you, NOT for you! 

What is this manifesting principle that will shift your entire experience too?
It's the foundation for my private coaching...And it's a GAME CHANGER!

 It's the Spiritual Law of Correspondence.
This law states your inner reality=your outer reality.
As within, so without, as above, so below!

AND PSST...there are no short cuts!
There are a few things I know for sure about YOU too…   
You are still reading this for a reason.  
Your dream lifestyle + business is divinely guided and gifted to you for a reason. 
You are DESERVING and WORTHY of massive compensation for your gift!
You never have to settle between fulfilling your Soul's mission, SUCCESS and JOY/PROSPERITY!  
EVERYTHING can shift for you in an instant!   

But, here's the kicker. You must be willing to do the INNER WORK only you can do, with consistency and self-discipline! And I know it's part of my life purpose as a spiritual mentor and coach to help catapult you forward to your NEXT LEVEL life + business!  

Your time is NOW...
And now I have ONE very important question for you...
A 3-month "hot seat" mastermind group coaching  program designed to help you finally clear the BS blocking you from your 6-figure business!
  • Sarah will dive deep with you into the inner work with a focus on identifying and re-framing limited beliefs, shadow work, inner child healing, re-integrating disowned aspects of Self, and connecting to your own inner guidance system. Sarah will help you clear the ROOT causes of everything holding you back from experiencing the the success and freedom you desire. Sarah is able to tune-in like a laser beam to your unique blocks that can save you years or even decades of unnecessary struggle so you can catapult your business forward.
  •  As a clairaudient, claircognizant, and clairsentient intuitive channel, Sarah is able to connect with Spirit and bring thru information that is meant for you to hear for your own personal/spiritual growth process. She has the innate ability to quickly uncover the mindset/belief blocks that are sabotaging your success and calls on Spirit for guidance during your sessions. 
  •  Self-sabotage will arise as part of the inner transformation and personal/spiritual growth process which can derail your efforts AND keep you feeling stuck. Maybe you often feel like you're back peddling, stuck, or starting from square one all the time?! Often times you can't see the forest through the trees. Sarah will be there when Ego kicks in and tries to sabotage and derail your efforts to challenge your comfort zone and support you through this process.  You will continuously up-level as Sarah calls out your blind spots, self-sabotage, and ego-driven tendencies that used to stop you in your tracks.
  •  As  Sarah guides you to step into your BOLD authentic truth you will work with her 5D manifesting client attraction process . It is a myth that you need fancy funnels, sales pages, websites, large email lists, or expensive FB ads to attract your dream client. These strategies are useful ONLY after you've mastered stepping into your 6-figure+ business energetically and clear all the blocks keeping you stuck. 
  •  Weekly "hot-seat" mastermind group coaching video calls with Sarah (limited to 10!) for three months, with Sarah's other NEXT LEVEL Soul-driven fempreneurs on a similar path. After 3 months your membership will roll over on a month-to-month basis. These sessions will be designed to laser-focus on your particular blocks and hold you accountable as you take massive sacred action and implement intuitive sales strategies to succeed in catapulting your business forward. 
  •  Lifetime access to ELEVATE, Sarah's monthly Karuna Reiki-infused distant healing global meditation group for clients only, to assist with clearing energetic blocks, inner child/shadow healing, manifesting, and connecting with your Higher Self.
  •  Access to Sarah's Awakened Fempreneur Mastermind Community on FB for the duration of your membership, with M-F direct access to Sarah .
INVESTMENT: $2000 Deposit, then 2 payments of $2000
...or $6000 paid in full. 
What Others Are Saying...

I have been working with her the past 3 weeks, she is my personal coach. She is Ah-Mazing!!!!! She has helped me through a very difficult time and has taught me the tools that I need to get un-stuck, dissolve my fears and to be in the flow. I HIGHLY recommend Sarah if you are looking for a coach or you just need some guidance or if you need to be called out on your sh*t. LOL. Life is too precious to be living in Fear, Doubt and a Scarcity...WTF? Where's the Fun? --Lisa A.

Just finished a coaching call with Miss Sarah... it’s crazy how many Ah-ha moments I was able to have. Pretty damn impressed. I have some serious gratitude for having Sarah in my life. You have an undeniable gift for sifting through my deeply rooted bullshit- (listening skills). With such ease, you quickly helped me find major clarity. Narrowed down a core belief that I couldn’t put my finger on for 39 years. Even with all the self-help and reading, retreats etc I’ve experienced, I wasn’t able to achieve what we did in that 1 1/2 hours!! Why did I freakin wait this long???? Today, I can say that I’m otw. I am ready & open to receive the knowledge and guidance to grow a life of abundance and joy- you seriously amaze me! xo​ --Jackie M.

On last week's call, you helped me so much! I knew I had already shifted but had worries that I was falling backward. You were a beautiful support and I had such a positive week full of inspiration. I appreciate you a lot. --Ariana F.

Since I've started working with Sarah, I've lost weight, quit sugar, and made fitness and clean eating a new habit! Mainly, I feel empowered more than ever to take full accountability for myself and make healthier choices. I can finally see where I keep myself “stuck”! Thank you, Sarah! --Jamie M.

So much of what you are saying is striking a chord within my heart and spirit. Your coaching has illuminated a lot of stuff for me and is really making me look inward and analyze why I do the things I do. I believe we are sent special people to help us along our way and that you are one of those people for me. I look forward to learning so much more. I’m not where I should be yet, but thank God, I am not where I used to be! --Jeanne B.

Sarah has an innate ability to see my highest potential and hold me accountable to the ways I've sabotaged myself or tried to hide from what I needed to face in order to grow. Since I've taken Sarah's coaching program I've been meditating and journaling regularly and I'm so much more self-aware now and able to see for myself what I need to work on, and where I get in my own way. Within the first year of working with Sarah I've tripled my income, I eat healthier and transformed my body--now in the best shape of my life!, hired a personal trainer, joined a business mastermind, upgraded my piece of crap car to a BMW, and I'm able to have money left over to help out my family. Most of all my confidence and drive have soared to new heights! I don't think you can be in Sarah's presence without her getting you out of your comfort zone, lol in a good way. Thank you Sarah! --Gabriel S.

I was in a struggle with some things in my attempt at manifestation and the ideas and concepts presented really helped me to get clarity around my next steps. Thanks Sarah! --Eric R.

I can't believe I get to take part in this fantastic training with you and the other participants! I feel so lucky! I had a dream about the past and I’m looking forward to releasing it and being in a grateful place, moving forward, letting go of resentments which no longer serve me, patterns which are repeating, and actively reparenting myself. Much warm gratitude and admiration for your Process. I think its really going to work this time. --Julia B.
A message from Sarah...
As an Energy Alchemy Coach, Soul Work Catalyst, and Intuitive Channel, I help women visionaries and entrepreneurs ditch the struggle and overwhelm so they can make a massive impact in the world with their gift and experience the freedom they crave. 

Awakened Fempreneur™ is ideal for you if you're sick of feeling restricted and you're FINALLY ready to go ALL IN and create your dream lifestyle + spirit-driven empire with grace, ease and flow! 

I'll guide you step-by-step in building an empowered lifestyle to finally break the patterns keeping you stuck and/or playing small. 

It's time to heal and release your limited beliefs, past wounds, and past conditioning to attract the life + business you truly CRAVE!

As in life, so in business, meaning your business is a reflection of your life. When you up-level your inner game everything else follows suit. It spiritual law. As real as the law of gravity.

Famous last words 
of someone that stays stuck!
"I’ll Wait Until Later"
Maybe you’re thinking you’ll wait until it’s a more convenient time, or have more financial resources, or you get past the latest hurdles and challenges in your life. If this is you, you are not right for this program at this time. This program is for go-getters who take inspired action, act on intuition and faith, and cannot stand the thought of wasting another moment postponing their greatness. This program is for people who will do whatever it takes to create the life they desire, NO MATTER WHAT! You must be decisive. You must recognize fear in the form of hesitancy, and be willing and able to follow your gut. If you aren’t feeling the urgency around manifesting the lifestyle, health, business, and relationships you truly desire, then this program probably isn’t the right fit for you. This program is for people that KNOW they were born to experience so much more than they are allowing, and willing to get off the fence once and for all.   

“I Don’t Have Time”
What I’ve found is that we make time for what we value. Period. I'm sure there are plenty of things in your daily life right now taking up your precious time. You're probably attempting to multi-task and get a million things done. Or take on burdens and workloads for others, depleting yourself in the process. Sound familiar? Well, if you don't do something different, you'll continue to get the same results. You must learn to use time effectively. Set healthy boundaries. Protect your energy. And operate from a state of "flow", not force. This allows you to get more done with grace and ease, versus feel as if everything is a struggle. If you are not willing to re-allocate your time towards your own well-being and creating the best version of yourself, then you are not ready for this program, yet. 

“I Don’t Have Money”
This is the same with time as I noted above, we put money towards what we value. If your car broke down would you find the money to fix it? I bet you'd become pretty resourceful! If you'd put money towards your car, but not your own personal and spiritual growth, what does that say about how much you value manifesting the life you truly desire? You need to be a 10 out of 10 on the "I'm willing to do what it takes no matter what, and staying stuck is a non-negotiable for me" scale. If you're anything less than "all-in" this program is not a fit for you, yet. 

“I Don't Really Need Healing/Mindset Work”
Most people don't realize that their subconscious runs 90% of the show. Your conscious mind may have it all figured out, yet you continue to self-sabotage and create limiting patterns that reflect back to you in your physical experience. Maybe you can make money, but you can't keep it? Maybe you keep getting into the same kind of relationships that don't support you? Maybe you keep having to hustle to make ends meet? Or work at jobs that don't fulfill you? In a nutshell, if you are not experiencing what you truly desire in any area of your life, you have a limited belief around it and you are comprimsing your life by not addressing the issue head-on with healing and mindset work. Any belief or thought that is not empowering you is a big fat lie. We all experience this and it's important to have someone there that can call out your blind spots. Coaches have coaches. I have a coach. Michal Jordan had a coach. Healing and mindset work plus working with spiritual principles is 80% of the game, the rest is then taking inspired action. If you are still reading this, you likely have work to do that I can help you with. You were drawn to this information for a reason. 
Why work with Sarah?
Sarah, aka the Spiritual CEO, is an energy alchemy + 5D manifesting coach dedicated to helping Soul-driven female entrepreneurs clear the BS blocking them from making a MASSIVE impact in the world and building their 6-figure+ digital empire!  She bridges spiritual laws and a proven 5D manifesting formula with sales + strategy to catapult your business to the next level.   

Sarah started teaching after transforming her life from only $300 to her name, underemployment, mounting debt, foreclosures, bankruptcy, daily anxiety, and years of stress-fueled health crises

She has transformed her health, business, and life on ALL levels and reclaimed her worthiness from a dysfunctional and abusive childhood. 

Sarah is now THRIVING living an empowered spiritual CEO lifestyle on her own terms while fulfilling her Soul's purpose as a Spiritual Coach/Mentor and inspiration to women all over the world.   

Currently living in Phoenix with her 3 dogs (yes 3!), Sarah attracts a loyal online community of women curious about what she teaches next.
Awakened Fempreneur™ is by application only.
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