My Sacred Manifesting Ritual
6 Weeks To Transform Your Life From "Just Surviving" to "Thriving" + Manifest the Abundance You Deserve! 
Tired of wanting more and not knowing how to get it? This is your exclusive invitation to ELIMINATE what's keeping you feeling stuck and start manifesting the abundant life you CRAVE!
After this program, you will NO LONGER have to settle for a life of mediocrity!

Let me guess...

You've dipped your toe in the yoga/meditation/manifesting world but have yet to see consistent results! 

You've been dabbling with the Law of Attraction and still --NADA! 
(Luckily this is NOT just another LOA training!)

I know you're tired of feeling like the rug is being pulled out from under you, and that you just want a break already!

You ask yourself constantly, "Why can't things just be easier?"

I feel you...because I was you. I get it!

Here's the thing you have to learn (and sooner the better for your sake)...
you can't keep chasing the next shiny object that you feel will "fix" your problem and get the long lasting miraculous results you crave. 

It just doesn't happen that way. 

Now listen, and listen closely...because once you accept what I'm about to say, it's a GAME CHANGER!

Your patterns will continue to cycle-on rinse & repeat- UNTIL you do the Soul Work to heal/clear/release everything that is keeping you stuck. Period.

My Sacred Manifesting Ritual helps you completely unstuck yourself and raise your vibration to become a magnet to what you truly want! 
My Sacred Manifesting Ritual
A 6-week group program to FINALLY clear/heal/release everything blocking your abundance + integrate spiritual/manifesting laws to up-level your happiness, abundance, and prosperity LEVELS NOW!
My Sacred Manifesting Ritual
A 6-week group program to clear/heal/release limited beliefs + integrate spiritual/manifesting laws consistently to FINALLY up-level your happiness, abundance, and prosperity!
My Sacred Manifesting Ritual is the program you need if you: 
Feel like you've been doing everything from affirmations, meditations, visualization, journaling, etc, but you still are NOT manifesting what you truly desire.  You're hitting a ceiling, and you want to go BIGGER!

You are not feeling truly satisfied in relationships, health, work, finances, or life.  

You see that woman you are meant to become out in the distance. You see her as if she is miles away. How do you get to her? How do you even find the path to get to her? 

You're done with your current situation. You're tired excuses and fears keeping you stuck telling you that you can't be successful, confident, or abundant. You want to say goodbye to this person and hello to your NEXT LEVEL YOU!
My Sacred Manifesting Ritual
is 6 weeks of implementing a proven process + foundation to TRANSFORM your live on all levels! 
Hey, I'm Sarah Rose— an intuitive clairaudient channel and Self-Mastery + 5D Manifesting Coach to awakened women that want to manifest a life and/or business they truly LOVE!

Manifesting is a self-healing journey. Anyone that tells you that you manifest what you desire without healing the BS that has been holding you back is not telling you the whole truth. If you don't do the inner work you will keep getting mixed results.

Recognizing the patterns is the first step. Then the deep healing inner belief/mindset/emotional work (which I share in this program), THEN, the powerful manifesting formula I'm about to share with you will begin to work like magic!!!!

I started teaching after transforming my own life from only $300 to my name, mounting debt, foreclosures, bankruptcy, daily anxiety, and years of stress-fueled health crises including candida, SIBO, leaky gut, food allergies, hormone imbalance, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, mild depression, hypothyroid, weakened immune function, and eventually pneumonia.   

I've transformed my health, business, and lifestyle on ALL levels and reclaimed my worthiness from a dysfunctional and abusive childhood. 

I'm now THRIVING, living an empowered lady boss lifestyle on my own terms while fulfilling my life purpose as a Spiritual Coach/Mentor and inspiration to women all over the world.   

My intention is to show YOU how you can heal the BS holding you back so you can create massive shifts in what you are manifesting. Then, I'm going to hold your hand through the process with accountability (and a bit of tough love when necessary) to help you put it into practice.  I'm on a mission to help soul-centered women open up to the highest vibrational version of themselves!
It's time to allow the life that is waiting for you!

I want to help you clear what is no longer serving you so you can usher in the abundance that is cued up for you!
Here is the breakdown of  My Sacred Manifesting Ritual:
Pillars 1 -3 of the manifesting formula introduced. Get clear on your Core Desires, limited beliefs/mindset blocks, and ensure your manifesting at the HIGHEST vibration. Create 6-week sacred ritual to begin re-wiring brain for abundance mindset. Includes guided mindfulness meditation.
Recognize where you were let down as a child. Learn how to re-parent yourself and give to yourself the basic needs you were lacking. Stop attracting situations and relationships into your life that represent your wounding. Includes guided forgiveness meditation.
Explore aspects of your disowned Self and shadow aspects due to the basic primal need to "fit in". Free yourself from fear-based perfectionism and procrastination. Embrace basic self-care and self-compassion as your new living mantra. Explore 4 main shadow archetypes. 
Pillars 4-5 of the manifesting formula introduced. Step into the essence of your future Self and begin creative visualization work to fully become the woman you know you can be. Includes Yoga Nidra meditation.
Pillar 6 of the manifesting formula introduced. Invoke and take courageous on Sacred Inspired Action towards your big dreams as you learn to recognize and follow intuition, intuitive nudges/downloads, and synchronicities that are being guided by your Higher Self, God, Angels, Jesus, Buddha <enter deity of choice!>
Pillar 7 of the manifesting formula introduced. Review of previous weeks, recap of all 6 previous pillars,  PLUS final Q&A on any topic/lesson discussed throughout the training. 
What's Included In
My Sacred Manifesting Ritual
6 Weekly Group Trainings
Valued at $997
In each of these trainings I will be guiding you  to become the highest self and become the person you are meant to be. I will walk you through each pillar that will get rid of your habits, excuses, and limiting beliefs and replace with fun, abundance, freedom, and consistency. 
6 Weekly Q&A Sessions
Valued at $777
We will have 30-minute Q&A sessions to be able to ask specific questions around your current situation. There will be a Q&A thread in the Facebook community which I will do a livestream video to answer all of your questions. 
Weekly Journal Prompts
Valued at $597
Journaling is going to be a key self-reflective strategy we will use to help you gain clarity on your Core Desires,  clear limited beliefs/mindset that are blocking your abundance, and connect with your intuition/Higher Self through the process of automatic writing.
Unlimited Access to a Private Facebook Community
Valued at $397
This private community will be used for you to ask questions, gain feedback from peers, and grow as a team to become your highest selves. It will also be the place you post your Sacred Actions and held accountable between the weekly coaching sessions.
Guided Mindfulness Meditation
Valued at $19
Mindfulness meditation is going to be a key self-reflective strategy throughout the program that is scientifically proven to help re-wire your brain for an optimistic, abundant, and growth-oriented mindset (keys to manifesting) and create new habits that support your new abundant lifestyle. 
Guided Yoga Nidra Audio Class
Valued at $47
Yoga Nidra is proven in clinical studies to help you melt away tension and reduce stress WHILE planting positive intentions and affirmations on a subconscious level.
Guided Forgiveness Meditation
Valued at $19
Mindfulness meditation is going to be a key self-reflective strategy throughout the program that is scientifically proven to help re-wire your brain for an optimistic, abundant, and growth-oriented mindset (keys to manifesting) and create new habits that support your new abundant lifestyle. 
Valued at: $2,853
Plus, BONUSES Valued at: $1,627
Bonus One: 1:1 Coaching Call With Sarah
Valued at $833
Get a 60-minute private coaching intensive with Sarah for a DEEP DIVE into the limiting beliefs that are blocking your highest self from coming into fruition. You will be provided with Sarah's private coaching calendar to book your session during any week of the program that you feel you need extra support .
Bonus Two: "Hot Seat" Group Coaching Call
Valued at $497
Get a group hot seat video coaching call with Sarah to ask your most pressing questions that have come up for more 1:1 interaction/support . This will be scheduled half-way through the program (hint: about the time ego will really be flaring up to derail your efforts!)
Bonus Three: Lifetime Access to ELEVATE!
Valued at $297
Lifetime access to ELEVATE, Sarah's monthly Karuna Reiki-infused distant healing global meditation group, typically for private clients only, to assist you with healing, clearing energetic blocks, manifesting, and connecting with your Higher Self.
I'm ready to become my highest version of myself...
Pay In Full
1 Payment of $1497
1 Payment of $597
Payment Plan
2 Payments of $810
2 Payments of $360
What if I told you that in 6 weeks I can teach you the only process you will ever need in order to manifest—success, money, travel, freedom, flexibility, fun, ease, the committed relationship, healthy body, and meaningful career?!

Imagine what it would feel like to call ALL the shots and design your life on purpose, with plenty of time for fun, freedom, joy, travel, leisure…and time JUST TO BE YOU!

Imagine what it would be like to wake up every day in joyful anticipation of the divine prosperity that is flowing to you…effortlessly!

I know, I know…it’s hard to picture a life that doesn’t involve tons of effort. You’ve been conditioned by society to be an action taker for the sake of taking action. This is NOT living in alignment, and this is NOT 5D manifesting.

I’ve been there. I get it!

It’s time to start manifesting at a higher frequency, plain and simple. 

Until then your life will continue to feel like an uphill battle. And you will always feel like you’re behind or playing catch up.

So, are you FINALLY ready (like I can’t f*cking stand it ready) to drop the struggle and clear the patterns once and for all that are keeping you stuck and capping your abundance?
My Sacred Manifesting Ritual
is perfect for you!
I'm ready to become the highest vibrational version of myself and manifest my dream life with grace, ease and flow...
Pay In Full
1 Payment of $1497
1 Payment of $597
Payment Plan
2 Payments of $810
2 Payments of $360
What is My Sacred Manifesting Ritual?
A 6-week live group program designed to clear all the doubts, fears, excuses, and habits you've built throughout your entire life that has kept you stuck or playing safe, so you can manifest a life that is filled with abundance, freedom, ease, purpose, and alignment. 

What if I can't make a session?
All live group coaching calls will be recorded and available to you. You will also have access to all livestream Q&A's inside the Facebook group so you can still watch the video and get answers to your specific questions if you can't make it live.

When will the program start?
Every Wednesday for 6 weeks at 6pm PST via Zoom starting October 10th.

How hands on is this program? 
For this INSANE price you have access to Sarah with 6 weekly group coaching calls, Q&A threads with video livestream sessions, and unlimited support inside the private Facebook group for the entire 6 weeks. Plus if you sign up during the bonuses you have access to a private 1:1 intensive and/or "hot seat" group coaching session.

Do you take refunds? 
Since this is a live program, we will not be issuing any refunds. 

Will you have another time to join? 
I will...but I don't know when exactly. I can say it will NOT be at this introductory price. Since this is the first time I've launched this particular program the price is insanely reduced. But aren't you kinda ready NOW to get rid of all the crap keeping you stuck? 

Is 'My Sacred Manifesting Ritual' for me? 
In this program, I will be sharing everything that completely TRANSFORMED my life and life of my clients including health, business, and finances. Trust your gut!! Close your eyes, take a deep breath and say, "is this program for me?" And if the answer is YES!, sign up now and save your seat. 
I'm ready to become my highest version of myself...
Pay In Full
1 Payment of $1497
1 Payment of $597
Payment Plan
2 Payments of $810
2 Payments of $360