You're in the right place if you're a spiritual coach, healer or leader ready to skyrocket your IMPACT and INCOME  online + create the freedom-based lifestyle you're craving!
  • If you’re frustrated because you don’t know how to enroll high-ticket soulmate clients into your spiritual coaching or healing business, I have news for you!
  • There is a much easier way than what you've likely been trying. 
Sacred Leader Academy
In SLA, you'll finally position yourself as the "go-to" authority in your niche plus scale your gift and start attracting the soulmate clients that already know they want to work with you!

We believe you signed up at the Soul level to make a massive impact globally by uplifting as many people on the planet as possible.

And in order to do this + live your best life you MUST be able to leverage your time, stop trading time for money, and fully own your gift as the badass spiritual leader you know you came here to be!

And you can't possibly show up as your most aligned Self and serve at the highest level when you are not allowing yourself to be FULLY supported doing what you love.  

We're here to help finally move forward with the important work you are here to do, PLUS, enjoy the joy, fun, freedom, and divine prosperity that ONLY comes with being in complete alignment with your Soul's purpose.

SLA helps you come into full Soul-alignment with your calling + BUILD, LAUNCH, and SCALE a transformational program online that is a magnetic match to your soulmate clients and is 1111% in alignment with your lifestyle goals so you can enjoy time and location freedom to live your life on your own terms.
GET STARTED TODAY! (No more"spaghetti approach", it's time to apply ALIGNED + SMART proven business strategies that get RESULTS!)

Meet Your Mentors

Our mission is to help spiritual coaches, healers, and divine feminine leaders amplify their IMPACT through their unique message, voice, and gift while creating their dream lifestyle rooted in FUN, FREEDOM, FLOW & FINANCIAL PROSPERITY!



Rated Top 10 Leadership Coach in 2020 and 2021, Sarah combines her intuitive gifts as an energy healer and divine channel rooted in oneness consciousness with 20+ years of savvy business, entrepreneurial + sales experience for a 5D soul-aligned approach to business and leadership. 

She  helps spiritual entrepreneurs lightworkers, healers, and  spiritual coaches  come into full alignment with their mission, message, and gift  through aligned energetic embodiment practices and activations. Her Soul-Aligned Success Business Method  also helps spiritual entrepreneurs  scale for more impact + freedom in their business.



Vanessa combines her degree in Psychology and love of the Mind with the World of Spiritual Law, Energetics, and Divine Living. She holds tremendous space for clients to remember THEIR power within and dive deep into what they already know as they transcend blocks and barriers that have been holding them back from living their fullest Probable Future, confidently!
As an Energetic healer, Activator and having a background in arts, Vanessa brings a light and playful twist to the often painful and vulnerable work of clearing the past and creating the future!
I take every opportunity I can to work with Vanessa and Sarah! They are truly an authentic and powerful dynamic duo and embody divine feminine leadership. They always create a safe and welcoming space where everyone can learn and be engaged. Sarah and Vanessa are a wealth of spiritual wisdom and knowledge! They taught me life changing lessons that I continue to take with me along my spiritual journey. I look forward to the next chance I have to connect and work with Vanessa and Sarah! - - Ashley M. 
Gain instant visibility online as a credible expert in your niche while creating magnetic content that attracts the people you're here to serve! SLA helps you magnetize your message + presence to attract Soul-aligned clients that say things like:
“I have been feeling called to work with you!” 

“I just read your post and I feel you are talking to my Soul!"

"I need this! I’m signing up!”

“I love your offer and I know I was divinely guided to see it!”

"I don’t know how I found you, but I was immediately drawn to you. I trust you already and I need to work with you!”

“I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight, if I didn’t sign up!”

“You’re talking about all the things I’m thinking about in my head!”

PS - This isn't your average run-of-the-mill content marketing. Sarah's approach to working with archetypal energies, spiritual laws, and the masculine/feminine polarities will activate the "lighthouse effect" as part of your client attraction process that calls in Soulmate clients like a magnet. 

Energetic marketing with Sarah Rose is next level soul-knowing sage marketing advice. If you're struggling with attracting your ideal clients, creating irresistible offers, crafting compelling and engaging content online, or telling your story in a way that resonates, make sure you embody Sarah's teachings! - - Meghan Z. from SHEVOLVE
GET STARTED TODAY! (No more FOMO on living your dream lifestyle.)
The SLA Core Curriculum
The SLA curriculum consists of six core step-by-step easy to follow training modules.

Module 1 - Connecting with your Mission, Message, Story & Gift
As a healer, lightworker, or spiritual messenger your wound is your gift. You will get clear on your branding stories so you can lead with authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability to gain instant exposure as an expert in your niche and share in a way on social media that not only attracts and builds trust with your dream clients but also compels them to want to work with you! In this module you will also get clear as crystal on your niche and who you are here to serve, aka your "soulmate client" as this is the foundation that will make the creation of your program easy and effortless. This foundational module will also be what you build on as you create magnetic content and enter the sales phase. 

Module 2 - Design Your Premium Soul-Aligned Magnetic Program
Create a digital program/offering (or re-create your existing one) that speaks to the Soul of your dream client as the ONLY solution to their current problem while also being an EXACT match to your divine mission and your dream lifestyle. The key here is scalability and leverage and you don't need to plan out your program in advance, pre-write/pre-record your content.  You don't even need a fancy launch process, or any launch process for that matter to get started creating abundance doing what you love! In fact I sold 5-figures for this very program long before I even had this sales page with nothing more than a free social media account, $10 booking software, and a $16/month Zoom subscription that takes 10 minutes to setup.

Module 3 - Multidimensional Marketing & Creating Magnetic Content
Master the 4-Step Yin/Yang Creation Cycle so you can work from Soul alignment vs force/struggle to optimize receiving the divine downloads and creative insights that fuel your magnetized messaging!  (Hint: It's a beautiful cycle in the flow and doesn't feel like burnout!!) You'll learn how to work with archetypal energies to activate The Magician and balance the divine masculine and feminine polarities to channel content that will call in your Soul-aligned dream clients via the "lighthouse effect" as part of your new energetic content marketing strategy. Clients will find you and say things like, “I don’t know how I found you, but I was immediately drawn to you!" and "I trust you already and I need to work with you!”You'll attract Soul-aligned clients consistently that are imprinted to work with you for your gift/genius. You don't need half the "techy stuff" you think you need and no website, webinar, funnel, fancy sales page, or FB ad will trump your energetic alignment. Your core messaging MUST be in alignment first for any other component in your spiritual business to deliver the ROI you desire. 

Module 4 - De-Power The Fear Series
De-power the ego and fear-based archetypes keeping you stalling in procrastination, perfectionism, analysis paralysis, shiny object and/or imposter syndrome, and self-doubt. You'll also stop the sabotaging tendencies of over-giving, undercharging or spreading yourself too thin with poor boundaries. ConfidentAF will be your middle name as you step fully into your power + purpose and start making the impact you came here to make. 

Step into your badass Self online with no apologies as part of your organic client attraction process. You will be getting visible on a social media platform of your choice via video/audio/written format to immediately start positioning yourself as an expert/leader/visionary in your niche and in a way that feels aligned with you. No more hiding or playing small!! (**You should already be comfortable with the functioning of your preferred social medial platform such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.)

Module 5 - Pre-Sale + Mastering Aligned Sales
There is no room for "starving healer syndrome" in your future! If  you don't have sales you don't have a business.

NOT selling and/or not charging in a way that not only supports your dreams but also gets your clients to invest outside of their normal comfort zone is a huge disservice to both you and them!  

In SLA, you'll leverage the synergistic power of aligned energetics, embodiment, and smart 3d business strategies to scale your lead generation and sales flow process so you can consistently attract + enroll soulmate clients on repeat into your premium program while staying in your feminine flow.  

You do not need a large email list, large social media following, stressful launch process, or expensive paid ads but you do need to be aligned energetically to the soulmate clients you are calling in and you need to implement smart business strategies in your business that turns cold or warm prospects into paid soulmate clients. 

In SLA, we cover a mix or organic attraction and outreach marketing, engagement best practices, and low-cost ads that can get you started enrolling soulmate clients ASAP without being a slave to social media and the algorithms. One of our clients generated 18k from just one $100 boosted ad!
Module 6 - Authority Conversion Pathway
In SLA you will learn a simple, proven and effective "Authority Conversion Pathway" that highlights you as a credible authority and expert in your niche as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that is 100% authentic and aligned to you. This allows you to become seen and heard in a way that  makes you visible to, AND RESONATE with, your Soulmate clients so they see you as the go-to spiritual badass and mentor they must hire.
What previous students have to say about the SLA Core Curriculum...
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Included in
Sacred Leader Academy
SLA Core Curriculum
The SLA Core Curriculum training videos consists of six modules that are accessible inside your private members portal upon enrollment. These trainings walk you thru a simple step-by-step process to create, market, launch, and sell an authentic, magnetic, and aligned premium transformational program online that is irresistible to soulmate clients.
Bi-Monthly Group Integration + Q&A Calls
Gain access to six months of bi-monthly business development and consulting support via Zoom with Divine Femme Founder, Sarah Rose, to ensure you nail your authentic brand messaging, magnetic copy, and aligned sales strategy that converts to consistent high-ticket-aligned sales with Soulmate clients that already know they want to work with you. These sessions are GOLD! 
Bi-Monthly Group  Coaching Calls
Gain access to six months of bi-monthly group activation, mindset, and accountability calls via Zoom with SLA Head Coach, Vanessa Dewing. These energetically charged calls are sacred spaces that are highly POTENT and alchemizing to help you stay on track within a community of like-minded Souls. If you can't make it live you will have access to the replay.  
Private Mastermind Community
This private Facebook mastermind community will serve as the communication hub with "office hours" Monday - Friday to get your Qs answered  by Sarah and Vanessa and share your wins, successes, and aha moments with other members of the SLA fam. 
High Priestess Sacred Initiation + Attunement
Clear energetic blocks to success, abundance, receiving, intuition, and owning your natural talents/gifts as you open to channeling and commit to the sacred path of divine service as you share your message with the world.
+ Access To The SLA Bonus Vault!
BONUS: 10X Your Manifesting Masterclass
with Sarah Rose
Learn Sarah's powerful and proven 7-Pillar Manifesting Formula that instantly aligns you with manifesting from Soul and working with the most powerful spiritual laws to catapult your success. This masterclass alone will get you manifesting clients effortlessly and will actually work in all areas of your life!
Guest Expert BONUS: Expansion Upgrades
with Sarah Ashley Wheeler
A sacred geometry and light language activation to expand your ability to receive and trust your intuition + the divine wisdom flowing to you as you come into greater alignment with your Higher Self. 
Guest Expert BONUS: DIY Soulful Brand Strategy
with Jessica Enriquez
Learn how to create your own brand strategy in a soulful way that radiates to your soulmate client. The training will first start out by aligning yourself with a meditation and then you will be taught the in’s and out’s on how to develop a Brand Strategy. Afterward,  you will receive a FREE template to start writing out your own customized strategy!
Guest Expert BONUS: RTT Hypnotherapy Sessions
with Shaina Rae
Recondition the subconscious for empowerment, confidence, financial success, and an abundant money mindset with two custom Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) hypnotherapy sessions on overcoming imposter syndrome and mastering your money mindset. No more playing small, undervaluing your services, or being afraid of sales!!
Access To All Future Guest Expert Trainings That Are Added To The SLA Bonus Vault!
Gain instant access to all future guest expert bonuses that are released for the life of the program.
GET STARTED TODAY! (No more procrastination!)
Imagine what it would feel like to call ALL the shots and design your life + Soul biz with plenty of time for fun, freedom, joy, travel, leisure…and time JUST TO BE YOU!

I know, I know…it’s hard to picture . You're used to making things more difficult than they need to be.

We get it, we've been there! 

You've been suffering from "shiny object syndrome" and binge watching webinars, trainings, going to conferences or virtual summits, getting certifications, and learning all the "techy stuff" you think you need before you can get visible and start making a real impact...only to let a lack of confidence, fear, sabotage, and self-doubt derail your momentum to moving forward.

Your message + gift is God-given and you are being called to share it with the world!

Guess what, it’s time to simplify things! You can start making an impact and attracting soulmate clients,  NOW! 

So, are you READY to let it be easy?

Are you ready to take aligned "Sacred Action" that will catapult you out of your comfort zone and into divine service?
If you've answered YES, then 
Sacred Leader Academy
is perfect for you!
What is Sacred Leader Academy?
Is a high-frequency spiritual business academy designed to help you build a scalable, aligned, sustainable, profitable and magnetic spiritual business online with a premium transformational program that is irresistible to your soulmate clients so sales feel like MAGIC! SLA combines the best of energetics, embodiment, mindset, and smart 3D business strategy.

When will Sacred Leader Academy start?
Enrollment for SLA is currently open. You gain access to the program immediately upon enrollment. 

How hands on is Sacred Leader Academy? 
SLA is high-touch container and has four group calls per month. Upon enrollment you gain access to six months of bi-monthly Integration + Q&A calls with Divine Femme Founder, Sarah Rose, to ensure you integrate the SLA curriculum and a magnetic and aligned marketing and sales process in your business. You also gain access to six months of bi-monthly Activation + Accountability  group coaching calls with Head SLA Coach, Vanessa Dewing, to hold you accountable to your goals and work through any mindset shifts, fears, or limited beliefs as you progress through the program. You will have access to the private SLA Facebook mastermind community to ask Sarah or Vanessa questions Monday - Friday during your six months and you have lifetime access to the SLA curriculum including all future upgrades as they are released.  

When are the group calls?
The bi-monthly group activation and accountability calls with SLA Head Coach, Vanessa Dewing, are currently scheduled on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1:00 PM PST. The bi-monthly integration + Q&a calls with Sarah are currently the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 4 PM PST. (*These days/times are subject to change.)

What is the investment for SLA?
The current investment for SLA is multiple 4-figures and varies based on incentive-based promotional periods - DM Sarah on Instagram or Facebook for details about any current bonus savings).

Do you take refunds? 
Since this is a program with immediate access to digital assets, all payments are final and we will not be issuing refunds. 

Will you have another time to join? 
Enrollment for SLA is currently open. At any point, and without notice, it can go to a waitlist option or the investment can go up. 

Is Sacred Leader Academy right for me? 
If you're not yet sure if SLA is a fit or you want to learn more, we welcome you to watch Sarah's exclusive 2-part mini-course for spiritual coaches and healers - Side Hustle To Soul Empire click here for instant access!
Are you ready to make a global IMPACT?