Introducing, EVOLVE, the Most Transformational Spiritual Mentorship Program on the Planet!

Are You Ready To Rapidly Transform Your Life, Raise Your Vibrational Frequency & Clear the Patterns Keeping You Stuck?

Your life, health, body, money, relationships, AND business are a mirror reflecting back to you what you need to heal in order to get to your next level! If you’re thinking it has to take a lot of time, effort, energy, and hard work to transform your life and step BOLDLY into your Higher Self and Soul's purpose, it’s time you learn that it's just not true. What I'm about to share with you in this program will rapidly transform all areas of your life from the inside out!

You were guided to this page for a reason!

EVOLVE is spiritual growth & transformation on steroids!!

EVOLVE is spiritual transformation on steroids!!

EVOLVE is a spiritual transformation program that combines spiritual alchemy, quantum healing, and universal ancient wisdom with modern neuroscience techniques to help you transcend the triggers and self-sabotage and transform your life to the next level! 
I'm ready for massive breakthroughs!
 Cancel anytime. No monthly commitments.

I'm going to share something with you, and once you accept what I'm about to share, it's going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

NOTHING can replace the lessons you came to experience to evolve your Soul. (Read that again!)

Your self-sabotaging karmic patterns will continue to cycle - on rinse & repeat - UNTIL you release/alchemize/transmute at the root level everything in the way of you consciously integrating a new way of BE-ing. 

It's time to drop the dead weight and PURGE + ASCEND! (and it doesn't need to take years or decades!)

You can't keep chasing the next shiny object that you feel will "fix" your life and deliver the long lasting miraculous results you crave. (I did this for YEARS thinking yoga classes, clean food/nutrition, acupuncture, money, relationships, fitness classes, massages, tapping, hypnosis, crystals, you name it, would "fix" my life.) 

YES, these are all awesome modalities...and I still use them to compliment my journey. And yes, I incorporate may of these holistic and metaphysical tools inside EVOLVE. But they are NOT your soul-ution. They are tools. If you've been using them as band-aides they won't work for you long term. You must shift your consciousness to higher levels of awareness and go within for your transformation to truly stick. As long as you keep reaching for things outside of yourself, even arguably “healthy” things, you will continue to give your power away. ⁣⁣

The good news is transformation does not have to be a long, drawn out, hard, or difficult process. There is a difference between pain and suffering through the awakening process. Suffering is optional. 
It’s time to take full ownership and accountability for your spiritual growth and evolution so you can finally break the cycles that are keeping you “stuck” by coming into alignment with the essence of who you really are.⁣⁣

Lucky for you, as an intuitive channel, spiritual messenger, energy healer, and queen of spiritual alchemy, facilitating soul-shifting breakthroughs and transformation that STICKS is one of my God-given gifts in this lifetime!

Are you FINALLY ready to rapidly transform your life and live in alignment with your Higher Self and Soul's inner and outer purpose?
Introducing the...
Evolve Spiritual Mentorship Program!
EVOLVE is your gateway to accessing higher consciousness and levels of awareness and is spiritual growth on steroids. Together we will peels away the layers keeping you stuck at the energetic root level for rapid transformation!
Introducing the...
Spiritual Mentorship Program
Your gateway to accessing higher consciousness. EVOLVE is a no-nonsense spiritual mentorship program. It's like spiritual growth on steroids that peels away the layers keeping you stuck for rapid transformation! 
Think of EVOLVE as your  Soul growth accelerator! 
This program is MADE for you if you are:

Tired of feeling stuck in erratic or self-sabotaging patterns that are keeping you from experiencing the life you truly desire. 

Committed to doing the inner work to catapult your life to the next level + connect to your Soul's guidance.

Want a community of like-minded Souls that are on a similar spiritual journey and get what you're growing through.

Ready to shift to higher states of consciousness and align with high-vibe 5D solutions to manifest your desires quickly. 

Feel the call to create a deeper spiritual practice that integrates spiritual laws and quantum healing for rapid transformation. 
Introducing the...
What's Included in the
Evolve Spiritual Mentorship Program?
Bi-Monthly HOT SEAT Group Coaching
Valued at $997
 Each month Sarah leads two "hot seat" group coaching session via Zoom video for all members. Sarah serves as a channel for Spirit and helps you to integrate the spiritual wisdom that comes through in each session. Spiritual wisdom is short and sweet, simple yet profound, and to the point. Show up live to the group coaching call and get your most pressing questions answered on the HOT SEAT. 
Bi-Monthly Channeled Livestream Trainings + Q&A
Valued at $777
Each month Sarah will channel two new transformational trainings via livestream inside the private Facebook community with live Q&A. Sarah will answer your questions on the livestream whether you can make it live or not. Sarah responds personally to every comment and/or question inside the community. Replays will remain available for lifetime access in the Core Training Library. 
Master Group Energy Clearings
Valued at $297
Sarah delivers master energy clearing via audio format for the collective consciousness of all current (and future) EVOLVE members. These transformational distant energy clearing sessions are worth the EVOLVE monthly mentorship fee alone and will help you to rapidly healing, transmute and alchemize energetic blocks in your quantum field !
Access to Sarah's Core Training Library
Valued at $2497
You will be given access to Sarah's member only area to access the EVOLVE Core Training  Library for the duration of your membership, which includes hundreds of hours of Sarah's most transformational channeled training sessions /energy transmissions ever released + all previously recorded energy clearings.  Two new LIVE channeled trainings are added monthly! 
Journal Prompts + Soulwork Exercises
Valued at $597
Journaling plus various self-reflective tools and techniques are going to be key strategies Sarah will assign to help you integrate the wisdom that comes through your bi-monthly livestream trainings.  Journaling has also been scientifically shown to  stimulate areas of the brain to help cultivate a growth/abundant vs. victim/lack mindset. She will also recommend personal prompts on a case-by-case basis depending on your HOT SEAT sessions and/or comments and questions throughout the program.
Private Facebook Mastermind & Support
Valued at $597
This community is pure GOLD! One of the most important components of the spiritual + self-healing path is aligning with others that "get you" and what you are growing through while having a sense of community. The members in this group are so SUPPORTIVE!! This private community on Facebook will be used as the "Hub" for you to ask questions, post comments, and gain feedback/support. Sarah is extremely active in the group and responds to all Q's personally. 
Monthly Tarot Astrology Full Moon Ceremonies
Valued at $199
Receive divinely guided messages and come into harmony with the powerful energies of the cosmos for increased clarity and to help clear and release what is no longer serving you so you can come into greater alignment with your authentic self.  
NEW: Surprise Guest Teachers
Valued at $199
Sarah will be bringing in surprise guest spiritual and metaphysical teachers in areas such as tarot, astrology, divination, holistic health, nutrition, quantum healing, Soul gift activation, etc to further support you on your spiritual journey. 
Valued at: $5387
Plus, BONUSES Valued at: $870
BONUS: Guided Meditation + Imagery Library
Valued at $97
Access guided meditations as part of a self-reflective and healing strategy that are scientifically proven to help re-wire your brain for an optimistic, abundant, growth-oriented mindset (keys to manifesting) to create a new high-vibe conscious lifestyle. Sarah will recommend specific meditations as needed as part of your unique spiritual prescription. 
BONUS: Guided Yoga Nidra Audio Class
Valued at $47
Yoga Nidra is proven in clinical studies to help you melt away tension and reduce stress WHILE planting positive intentions and affirmations on a subconscious level by accessing the alpha and theta brain wave states, the same state you access in hypnosis! This is a transformative ancient practice that will strengthen your intuition and self-healing abilities. It also allows you to experience all levels of your being, including your subtle energy body, and a very effective tool in the awakening process.
BONUS: Abundance Activation + Energy Clearing
Valued at $333
Get access to a pre-recorded energy clearing session specifically tailored to clearing abundance blocks in your quantum field. When you clear on the energetic level you make instant shifts that result in manifesting your desired results at rapid speed. 
BONUS: Guiltless Abundance Masterclass Recording
Valued at $97
Gain instant access to Sarah's previously recorded masterclass where you'll learn how to start healing the inner child and karmic wounds so you can attract the divine prosperity you deserve. 
BONUS: 10X Your Manifesting Masterclass Recording
Valued at $97
Gain instant access to Sarah's previously recorded masterclass where you'll learn her proven 5D 7-Pillar Manifesting Formula to put your manifesting abilities on overdrive. 

"Gratitude for this webinar. Thank you so much Sarah. You rock and got this shit nailed!"

What Evolve Members are Saying...

I'm ready for massive breakthroughs + transformation!
Cancel anytime. No monthly commitments.
Hey, I'm Sarah Rose— an intuitive channel, energy healer, and spiritual mentor.

I started coaching after transforming my own life as a result of my spiritual + kundalini awakening in 2013. I received a simple yet profound spiritual prescription to heal my life and then opened up to my gift of channeling in 2014.  

Prior to that I suffered a quarter-life crisis through 7 years of some of life's biggies--the death of my father (whom I had not yet forgiven for a childhood of domestic violence, abuse, and dysfunction), $300 to my name with mounting debt, foreclosures, bankruptcy, daily anxiety, a broken engagement, and stress-fueled health crises ranging from adrenal fatigue, malnutrition, leaky gut, SIBO, candida, IBS, 28 food allergies, hormone imbalances, weight gain, insomnia, chronic stress and anxiety, and a severely weakened immune system that landed me in the ER with pneumonia 

Now, facilitating spiritual awakenings and helping people to heal and transform their life as a spiritual teacher and divine messenger is my gift and calling. I know you're ready for massive breakthroughs and transformation or you wouldn't be reading this now! Let today be THE DAY everything begins to shift for you. See you inside EVOLVE!

Namaste! xx Sarah Rose
What if I told you that even though everything happens for reason, not everything has to happen! You get to exercise your free will in any given moment. 

You are being guided whether you like it or not. You can be guided with a nudge, or the Universe can slap you with a's your choice. The longer you resist, the more struggle you will endure. 

No two Soul's journeys are alike, but there are similar milestones for the universal assignments that you have awakened to and now find as obstacles on your path.   

The good news is, the freedom, peace, ease, and abundance that is cued up for you is yours to claim, NOW!

It’s time to start manifesting at a higher frequency, plain and simple. Once you're on the awakened path, you can't go back to sleep. Your Soul won't let you. So you gotta step it up!

Are you ready to fast-track your spiritual growth process for soul-shifting breakthroughs so you can step into your next level life? 
If You Said "YES" Then 
The EVOLVE Spiritual Mentorship Program
is perfect for you!
I'm ready to change my life!
Cancel anytime. No monthly commitments.
Praise & Gratitude for Working with Sarah
"It was as if I was at the verge of a breakthrough with thousands of transitions going on in my life when I was divinely guided to this beautiful lady’s page. Every word, emotion, and experience she shared led me to an instant breakthrough AND the biggest breakthrough of MY LIFE! I would HIGHLY recommend her expertise and guidance to anyone in the middle of the cosmic chaos or a life transition. She is truly blessed and will help you open up into a beautiful life one could only dream of. I love you Sarah Rose. Keep shining. Love & light!" -Prerna K.

“We literally just started, I haven’t even gotten through all of the first week's lesson and it’s like putting glasses on for the first time. I didn’t realize what I was doing to myself, some things are just starting to click for me that I just wasn’t getting before and tears keep pouring out of me, I can’t believe how mean I’ve been to myself ” -Kristen M. 

“Sarah has been the perfect coach at the perfect time in my life! On top of having major shifts, aha’s, and synchronicities - I was offered 3 contracts, had 2 new clients want to work with me from one of those contracts, was offered an interview at a Fortune 500 Company, and made an incredible connection romantically. Her no BS approach is what I love, and the video library is FULL of material that has sharpened my clarity, boosted my assertiveness, and deepened my self compassion. In private sessions, I have experienced greater health after energy clearings, and she gave me a concrete tool that I used to finally start allowing my future self into my present. So. Worth. It!! -Stephanie M. 

"I can't tell you how amazing it is to have these sessions with you and be involved in EVOLVE? I'm growing leaps and bounds as a coach and spiritual teacher."  - Donna H. 

"I can not thank you enough for how you transformed my life! I started working with you wanting to lose weight. I lost 12 lbs but healed at a deeper level as you brought out the deeper levels I needed to deal with. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are amazing. You have opened my creative side as now I'm just going for it! I'm now shining my light." -Stephanie R. 

"OHMYGOODNESS! I went shopping yesterday and I am down an entire size! Like not just getting it on, down a size, but super comfy in the new size down a size! And my bathing suit bottoms were down TWO sizes! Benefits of honoring me!!! I'm so stoked for ALL of the growth (and shrinkage) that has come from working with Sarah! If you have ever thought, ‘Wait, is she speaking directly to me?’ She totally is! EVOLVE is for YOU!!! You won’t regret it! " -Jessica R. 

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me what I needed right now. I see myself doing all of the incredible, amazing things I am called to do, that lights me up, and for the first time in a long time-the fear voice is silent. She has nothing to say about it right now because spirit is flowing through me so fluidly. And your guidance is a key factor in this.” -Donna H.

“I feel so at peace inside! I set my intention for the perfect job on Sunday and accepted an amazing offer on Friday! My life is taking a huge turn in a direction I couldn’t even believe possible a month ago! The anger and bitterness I was harboring is dissipating. I am happy and I believe in myself, where I had no faith before I now have confidence!” -Kristin M.​

“Thank you Sarah for your wisdom, your sessions are super concentrated with so many good things I can take from. On last week’s call, you helped me so much! I knew I had already shifted but had worries that I was falling backward. You were a beautiful support and I had such a positive week full of inspiration. I appreciate you a lot.​” -Ariana​ F.

"I have been working with her the past 3 weeks, she is my personal coach. She is Ah-Mazing!!!!! She has helped me through a very difficult time and has taught me the tools that I need to get un-stuck, dissolve my fears and to be in the flow. I HIGHLY recommend Sarah if you are looking for a coach or you just need some guidance or if you need to be called out on your sh*t. LOL. Life is too precious to be living in Fear, Doubt, and a Scarcity…WTF?" –Lisa A.

Just finished a coaching call with Miss Sarah… it’s crazy how many Ah-ha moments I was able to have. Pretty damn impressed. I have some serious gratitude for having Sarah in my life. You have an undeniable gift for sifting through my deeply rooted bullshit- (listening skills). With such ease, you quickly helped me find major clarity. Narrowed down a core belief that I couldn’t put my finger on for 39 years. Even with all the self-help and reading, retreats etc I’ve experienced, I wasn’t able to achieve what we did in that 1 1/2 hours!! Why did I freakin wait this long???? Today, I can say that I’m otw. I am ready & open to receive the knowledge and guidance to grow a life of abundance and joy- you seriously amaze me!" –Jackie M.

"Since I’ve started working with Sarah, I’ve lost weight, quit sugar, and made fitness and clean eating a new habit! Mainly, I feel empowered more than ever to take full accountability for myself and make healthier choices. I can finally see where I keep myself “stuck”! Thank you, Sarah! –Jamie M.

"So much of what you are saying is striking a chord within my heart and spirit. Your coaching has illuminated a lot of stuff for me and is really making me look inward and analyze why I do the things I do. I believe we are sent special people to help us along our way and that you are one of those people for me. I look forward to learning so much more. I’m not where I should be yet, but thank God, I am not where I used to be!" –Jeanne B.

"Sarah has an innate ability to see my highest potential and hold me accountable to the ways I’ve sabotaged myself or tried to hide from what I needed to face in order to grow. Since I’ve taken Sarah’s coaching program I’ve been meditating and journaling regularly and I’m so much more self-aware now and able to see for myself what I need to work on, and where I get in my own way. Within the first year of working with Sarah I’ve tripled my income, I eat healthier and transformed my body–now in the best shape of my life!, hired a personal trainer, joined a business mastermind, upgraded my piece of crap car to a BMW, and I’m able to have money left over to help out my family. Most of all my confidence and drive have soared to new heights! I don’t think you can be in Sarah’s presence without her getting you out of your comfort zone, lol in a good way. Thank you Sarah!" –Gabriel S.

“Our Spiritual Journeys never end!!! Thank you for being a part of mine! You are the best spiritual coach and my life would be completely different if I never had spoken to you! You are AMAZING!!! Thank you for guiding my way!” Namaste. -Casey S.

"I was in a struggle with some things in my attempt at manifestation and the ideas and concepts presented really helped me to get clarity around my next steps. Thanks Sarah!" –Eric R.

"I can’t believe I get to take part in this fantastic training with you and the other participants! I feel so lucky! I had a dream about the past and I’m looking forward to releasing it and being in a grateful place, moving forward, letting go of resentments which no longer serve me, patterns which are repeating, and actively reparenting myself. Much warm gratitude and admiration for your Process. I think it's really going to work this time."–Julia B.
What is the EVOLVE Membership?
EVOLVE is comprehensive spiritual mentorship program. Included is are bi-monthly hot seat group coaching sessions via Zoom, bi-monthly channeled livestream trainings + Q&A, monthly tarot/astrology full moon fire ceremonies, master energy clearings, an abundance activation + quantum healing, private Facebook mastermind community, plus access to Sarah's Core Training Library with her most transformational channeled trainings, previously recorded energy clearings and meditation library.  

What is the time for the monthly hot seat group coaching?
The bi-monthly hot seat group coaching calls will be on the 2nd & 4th week of each month and will rotate day/times to be fair to all timezones. 

What is the time for the bi-monthly channeled livestream trainings + Q&A?
The livestream training + Q&A will be on the 1st & 3rd week of each month and will rotate day/times to be fair to all timezones. 

What if I can't make a session?
You will have access to two hot seat group coaching session per month via Zoom. If you miss it you will still have access to the replay, however, you won't have a chance to get on the hot seat and ask specific questions if you don't attend live. It is recommended you commit to making as many hot seat group coaching sessions as possible. You get two livestream trainings + Q&A sessions per month. If you miss them you will have access to the replay and can ask your questions on the replay. All the replay's are timeless, Spirit already knows who will be listening and whether it's live or a replay they  are just as effective, in fact many people watch older replay's in the Core Training Library over and over again and have a new breakthroughs and insights each time. 

When will the program start?
The program starts as soon as you join. You will get access to an orientation video to go over the nuts and bolts of the program, expectations, and how to maximize the value and trainings offered immediately upon joining. 

What is the value of this program? 
For this INSANE price you have access to Sarah for bi-monthly group coaching, bi-monthly channeled livestream trainings with Q&A, master group energy clearings, "Soulwork" designed to catapult you forward and integrate the wisdom and teachings that come through the channeled trainings, plus unlimited support and communication with Sarah inside the private Facebook mastermind community for the duration of your membership. You also get access to Sarah's most transformational trainings as part of the EVOLVE Core Training Library, guided meditations, monthly tarot/astrology full moon releasing ceremonies, and exclusive access to surprise guest teachers. This is a LIVE spiritual mentorship program with 1:1 attention for thousands of Dollars less than what Sarah's private clients pay.  

Does Sarah offer a private 1:1 option?
You will have direct 1:1 opportunities with Sarah via the group coaching calls and livestream trainings, plus Sarah responds personally to ALL questions posted to the FB community.

Do you take refunds? 
Since this is a live program with instant digital access to the core training library, we will not be issuing any refunds. However, you can cancel at anytime with no monthly commitments by sending an email to Sarah's team prior to your next bill date. 

Will you have another time to join? 
This program is currently open for enrollment. It will remain open until the max enrollment is reached. Then doors will close with a wait list option only. If/when enrollment re-opens it will be only to fill any vacancy spots on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, I can not guarantee the rate will remain the same and can change without notice. You will be grandfathered in at the current membership rate when you enroll . The value of the program is constantly growing and evolving and as such so will the price. But, aren't you kinda ready NOW to get rid of all the crap keeping you stuck? 

Is the 'EVOLVE' membership for me? 
In this program, I will be sharing time-tested and proven spiritual alchemy processes, energy clearing techniques, and rituals that have helped me, and my students, TRANSFORM on all levels. Also, as a clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant channel, I channel higher consciousness that comes through as the infinity symbol to bring through guidance specifically meant for you. Trust your gut and intuition!! You were guided to this page for a reason. Your guides, angels, and "spirit team" will be assisting with your process. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask, "is this program for me?" And if the first answer is YES! Sign up now and save your spot before your ego sabotages you and talks you out of it!

How long does it take to see results?
Everyone is different and every journey is unique. However current and previous students have reported seeing increased synchronicities, ah-ha moments, and breakthroughs immediately after joining and claim the breakthroughs just keep coming one right after another. 

What if it doesn’t work for me?
Like anything you will get what you invest into it. You have to commit to yourself to see results. You are working with spiritual laws in a practical way and it will become quite clear and evident immediately after joining that things are shifting. However, if you are not happy with the results the program is month-to-month and you can cancel at anytime.

I’ve seen similar stuff in the past—what makes this different?
This is not your run of a mill membership program. The channeled trainings inside EVOLVE are life changing. You are not going to be given some journal prompts and/or some affirmations and sent on your way. This program is deep spiritual work, self-study, self-reflection and the processes that Sarah facilitates will catapult you on your spiritual awakened path.

What if I don’t have much time to spend on it right now?
The program requires your commitment but you fit it into your own schedule. All the group coaching calls, livestream trainings, master energy clearings, full moon ceremonies, and guest trainings will be recorded so you can listen when it's most convenient for you if you miss them.

Will it be a good fit for me?
If you feel guided to join EVOLVE then it's time to trust your intuition and take action. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The membership monthly fee is insanely affordable and the program is month-to-month cancel at anytime. No questions asked. Members have said on multiple occasions, "EVOLVE is the best personal investment I've ever spent!".