EVOLVE Membership
EVOLVE Membership
spiritual laser Coaching to  Facilitate Soul-shifting breakthroughs for accelerated Growth + transformation! 

spiritual laser Coaching to  Facilitate Soul-shifting breakthroughs for accelerated Growth + transformation! 

EVOLVE is spiritual coaching on steroids and provides laser-focused doses of spiritual guidance to help you clear patterns keeping you stuck!
I'm ready for massive breakthroughs!
Cancel anytime. No monthly commitments.
*Monthly Laser Intuitive Coaching Sessions valued at $497 
*Weekly Livestream Trainings + Live Q&A valued at $777
*Weekly Journals Prompts/Exercises valued at $597 
*Access to Private FB Spiritual Community valued at $397 
 *Guided Mindfulness Meditation valued at $19
*Guided yoga Nidra Audio Class valued at $47
*Guided Forgiveness Meditation valued at $19 
 *Loving Kindness Meditation valued at $19
Total Monthly Value with Bonuses-$3200
You were guided to this page for a reason. 

Here's the thing you have to learn, and the sooner the better for your sake!

NOTHING can replace your inner Soul Work required to catapult you to the next level. 

You can't keep chasing the next shiny object that you feel will "fix" your life and deliver the long lasting miraculous results you crave. I did this for YEARS thinking yoga, clean food, acupuncture, Reiki, massages, meditation, tapping, hypnosis, crystals, you name it, would "fix" my life. 

YES, these are all awesome modalities...and I still use them to compliment my life today. But they are NOT your solution. They are tools.

Now listen, and listen closely...because once you accept what I'm about to say, it's a GAME CHANGER!

Your patterns will continue to cycle-on rinse & repeat- UNTIL you do the Soul Work required to heal/clear/release/alchemize everything that is keeping you stuck. Period. And this is exactly what I provide for you with crystal clear clarity inside my EVOLVE membership program. 

Lucky for you, facilitating soul-shifting breakthroughs to help you clear the patterns keeping you stuck is part of my dharma and purpose-driven mission.

Are you ready to put your spiritual growth process on overdrive?
Introducing the...
EVOLVE Membership
A no-nonsense, straight to the point, bootcamp-style, spiritual coaching membership.
It's like spiritual growth + awakening coaching on steroids that cuts straight to the energetic blocks keeping you stuck!
A no-nonsense, straight to the point, bootcamp-style, spiritual laser coaching membership.
It's like spiritual growth + awakening coaching on steroids that gets right to the energetic blocks keeping you stuck!
Think of EVOLVE as your ongoing spiritual support line tailored to your specific circumstances and situation! 
This program is MADE for you if you are:

Tired of feeling stuck in patterns that are not serving you. 

COMMITTED to doing the inner Soul Work to catapult your life to the next level. 

Want a community of like-minded Souls that are on a similar journey and get what you're growing through.

Ready to shift to a higher state of consciousness and align with high vibe solutions. 

Open to a spiritual ass kicking that will allow QUANTUM LEAPS in what you are manifesting. 
The EVOLVE Membership
spiritual bootcamp-style program with access to bi-monthly laser coaching sessions to TRANSFORM your life!
Hey, I'm Sarah Rose— an intuitive channel, energy alchemist, and spiritual coach to awakening Souls on the courageous path of becoming.  

The spiritual awakening  process is a self-healing journey and the deep inner Soul Work (which I share in channeled, laser-focused sessions in this program) is required for you to break the patterns keeping you stuck!!!!

I started teaching after transforming my own after my spiritual awakening in 2013. Prior to that I suffered through 7 years of some of life's biggies--from only $300 to my name, mounting debt, foreclosures, bankruptcy, daily anxiety, and stress-fueled health crises (including candida, SIBO, leaky gut, food allergies, hormone imbalance, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, mild depression, hypothyroid, weakened immune function, and eventually pneumonia).  I also healed on all levels from an abusive childhood. 

I'm now THRIVING, living an empowered lady boss lifestyle on my own terms while fulfilling my life purpose as a Spiritual Coach/Mentor and inspiration to women all over the world.   
Currently I'm finishing my first book, to be published in 2019, and I look forward eagerly every day to what life has to offer. 

xx Sarah
In this program I will provide YOU with crystal clear clarity and breakthroughs on your personal spiritual journey so you can heal the BS holding you back and create massive shifts in what you are manifesting. I'm on a mission to help awakened Souls up-level their inner game so they can manifest a life they truly love!
It's time to allow the life that is waiting for you!

I want to help you clear what is no longer serving you so you can usher in the abundance that is cued up for you!
What's Included In
The EVOLVE Membership
Monthly HOT SEAT Laser Coaching Session
Valued at $497
Laser coaching sessions are short (10-15 minutes), to the point, no BS, and gets straight to the energetic blockage for rapid breakthroughs. In each of these video sessions, Sarah will be able to tune-in to the specifics of  your situation and offer the guidance/tools/techniques to bust through your blocks and heal what is keeping you stuck. Currently the program is limited to 80 members. Upon enrollment you will have access to join 1 of 8 "Soul Clusters" with no more than 10 members each. Each Soul Cluster will have a set day/time once per month. Replays available.
Weekly Livestream Training + Live Q&A
Valued at $777
Every Thursday get on-demand channeled guidance via livestream inside the private Facebook community with an opportunity to ask Sarah your Q's. If you can't make it live you can post your Q's to the thread the day before and Sarah will answer your question in the livestream. Replays will remain available for lifetime access. These training sessions include TONS of aha moments and also "Soulwork" assignments! Even if you can't make it live you will gain nuggets of wisdom just from listening to the replays, as most in the group will have very similar issues/questions as yourself. 
Weekly Journal Prompts + Exercises
Valued at $597
Journaling plus various holistic tools and techniques are going to be key self-reflective strategies Sarah will assign to help you gain clarity and clear energetic blocks in between your hot seat laser coaching and livestream training sessions.  Journaling has also been scientifically shown to  stimulate areas of the brain to help cultivate a growth/abundant vs. victim/lack mindset. She will recommend prompts on a case-by-case basis depending on your individual laser coaching session.
Private Facebook Spiritual Community
Valued at $397
One of the most important components of the spiritual path is aligning with others that "get you" and what you are going through. The members in this group are so SUPPORTIVE!! This private community on Facebook will be used as the "Hub" for you to ask questions, gain/offer feedback and support, and network with your Soul sisters and brothers on a similar journey. You may be surprised just how much you have in common with your fellow EVOLVE members! Sarah is extremely active in the group responding to and answer all Q's personally. 
Guided Mindfulness Meditation
Valued at $19
Mindfulness meditation is going to be a key self-reflective strategy throughout the program that is scientifically proven to help re-wire your brain for an optimistic, abundant, growth-oriented mindset (keys to manifesting), and create new habits that support your new high vibe conscious lifestyle.
Guided Yoga Nidra Audio Class
Valued at $47
Yoga Nidra is proven in clinical studies to help you melt away tension and reduce stress WHILE planting positive intentions and affirmations on a subconscious level by accessing the theta brain wave state, the same state you access in hypnosis. 
Guided Forgiveness Meditation
Valued at $19
Sarah's forgiveness meditation is adopted from a practice in Louise Hay's book, You Can Heal Your Life, which played a synchronistic role in her spiritual awakening and self-healing process. 
Loving Kindness Meditation
Valued at $19
A guided meditation to help cultivate compassion for oneself and others while fostering emotional intelligence and well-being. 
Meet Your Higher Self Meditation
Valued at $19
Coming soon!!
Valued at: $2,372
Plus, BONUSES Valued at: $830
Bonus One: Private Laser Session With Sarah
Valued at $533
Get a private laser coaching intensive with Sarah for a DEEP DIVE into the energetic blocks keeping you stuck. You will be provided with Sarah's private coaching calendar to book your session. 
Bonus Two: Lifetime Access to ELEVATE!
Valued at $297
Lifetime access to ELEVATE, Sarah's monthly Karuna Reiki-infused distant healing global meditation group, typically for private clients only, to assist you with healing, clearing, and alchemizing energetic blocks, manifesting, and connecting with your Higher Self. 
I'm ready for massive breakthroughs!
Cancel anytime. No monthly commitments.
What if I told you that even though everything happens for reason, not everything has to happen! You get to exercise your free will in any given moment. 

You are being guided whether you like it or not. You can be guided with a nudge, or the Universe can slap you with a 2x4...it's your choice. The longer you resist, the more struggle you will endure. 

No two Soul's journeys are alike, but there are similar milestones and a framework for the universal assignments that you have awakened to and now find as obstacles on your path.   

Imagine what it would feel like to call ALL the shots and design your life on purpose, with plenty of time for fun, freedom, health, joy, travel, leisure…and time JUST TO BE YOU!

Imagine what it would be like to wake up every day in joyful anticipation of the divine prosperity that is flowing to you…effortlessly!

I know, I know…it’s hard to picture a life that doesn’t involve tons of effort and struggle right now. 

I’ve been there. I get it!

It’s time to start manifesting at a higher frequency, plain and simple. You are being called to step up!

Until you do your life will continue to feel like an uphill battle. And you will always feel like you’re behind or playing catch up.

So, are you FINALLY ready (like I can’t f*cking stand it ready) to drop the struggle and clear the patterns once and for all that are keeping you stuck and capping your abundance? 
If You Said "YES" Then 
The EVOLVE Membership
is perfect for you!
I'm ready to clear the patterns keeping me stuck!
Cancel anytime. No monthly commitments. 
What is the EVOLVE Membership?
A spiritual bootcamp-style membership with monthly laser-focused coaching sessions + weekly livestream trainings designed to help you clear energetic blocks and  facilitate Soul-shifting breakthroughs for accelerated spiritual growth + transformation.  The program is limited to 80 members (8 groups aka "Soul Clusters" with 10 members each). Each Soul Cluster will meet once per month via Zoom video meeting. Upon enrollment you will have access to join 1 of 8 Soul Clusters depending on the time that works best for your schedule. 

What if I can't make a session?
If you miss a laser coaching session you will not have access to make it up and it does not effect your membership. However, all sessions will be recorded and available for you to listen to for 60 days and you can still glean valuable nuggets of wisdom from your Soul Cluster members that attended live. Also, you will still have access to the weekly livestream trainings + Q&A inside the Facebook group. You get one laser coaching session per month so it is ideal to make as many as possible. 

When will the program start?
Enrollment is open now, once 80 members are reached there will be a waitlist. 

What is the value of this program? 
For this INSANE price you have access to Sarah for a laser-focused coaching session and four video livestream training sessions with Q&A each month, plus unlimited support and communication with Sarah inside the private Facebook group for the duration of your membership. This is laser-focused spiritual coaching with 1:1 attention for a FRACTION of what Sarah's private coaching program costs. Plus, if you sign up during the bonuses you have access to a private 1:1 laser intensive DEEP DIVE and lifetime access to ELEVATE, Sarah's monthly Karuna Reiki-infused distant healing global meditation group. 

Do you take refunds? 
Since this is a live program, we will not be issuing any refunds. However, you can cancel at anytime with no monthly commitments. 

Will you have another time to join? 
This program is currently open enrollment until there are 80 members. Then doors close with a wait list option. If/when enrollment re-opens I can say it may NOT be at this insanely low price. Since this is the first time I've launched this particular program the price is insanely reduced. But aren't you kinda ready NOW to get rid of all the crap keeping you stuck? 

Is the 'EVOLVE' membership for me? 
In this program, I will be sharing everything that completely TRANSFORMED my life and as a clairaudient and claircognizant channel I will be channeling higher guidance from your "Spirit Team" specifically meant for you. Trust your gut and intuition!! You were guided to this page for a reason. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask, "is this program for me?" And if the first answer is YES!, sign up now and save your seat before your ego talks you out of it.
I'm ready for massive breakthroughs!
Monthly Membership
Cancel anytime. No monthly commitments.